Plastic Injection Moulds

Plastic Molds for Automobile Plastic Parts


Tooling Temple, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India; We manufacture precision Plastic Injection Moulds for automobile industry.  With good experience in precision automobile part mould design, precision machining and expert Plastic mould making we are able to achieve our customers requirement.

Our team is having good experience and knowledge in automobile precision plastic parts. We offer Injection molding dies for sale at best price range.

Our Production team processing engineers are familiar with high engineering polymers used in automobile industry.line1Hot Runner Moulds


We are manufacturing hot runner moulds using reputed hot runner systems.

We have made hot runner moulds for packaging industries and other engineering industries which are successfully running production continuously.

Our designers and tool room engineers are experienced in hot runner moulds.line1

Moulds for Telecommunication Plastic Components

telecommunication_mouldsWe have made many plastic injection molds for telecommunication industry.  Very close tolerance has maintained in these components produced from these moulds. These Injection moulding dies are for high production with dimension consistency. Moulds are with hot runner and some are without hot runner depends upon requirements.  Moulds are with high standard design, precision machining and mould making.


Moulds for Electrical Plastic Parts

electrical-moulds-parts We have manufactured moulded components for Electrical Sectors in materials like ABS-FR grade, ABS-HR grade, Nylon Glass Filled, Nylon Carbon Filled, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, V0 graded materials etc…


Moulds for Household Plastic Parts

household_mouldsWe are the Manufacturers and Suppliers of Injection molding die for many household plastic items. We can design the product according to customers concept, design and manufacture mould and take production of these products in house itself.


Moulds for Textile Plastic Parts

textile_mouldsWe are manufacturing Plastic Injection Moulds for Textile Industries. These components are used for textile machines and spinning mills. Various engineering polymers which are approved by customers are used for component productions. Components are supplied as per customer drawings and specifications.

line1Moulds for Aviation Sector Plastic Parts

aviation_sectors_mouldsWe have experience in manufacturing Plastic injection moulds with standards required for aviation sectors. Components are produced for these standards in material Ultem, Nylon, ABS and nylon special materials with high accuracy.


Moulds for Computer Plastic Parts

computer_parts_mouldsWe have manufactured many plastic parts used in computer hardware sectors. Parts with high finish and accuracy have been developed and produced  as per customer drawings and specifications.