Plastic Injection Moulded Components

ABS Parts

abs_moulded_partsWe will mould components in all grade of ABS Material in different colours. Most of the moulds are multi cavity which gives high production. We have moulded ABS components weighing up to 850 grams.


Acrylic Parts

acrylic_parts Components moulded in acrylic material are in mirror finish, moulded in a highly mirror polished moulds made using high grade mould steel material.


Ultem Parts

ultem_partsUltem material is manufactured by Sabic industries used in high engineering components like in the application of Aircraft engineering. We have developed and produced components up to 0.4 thickness in this material.

HDPE Parts

hdpe_parts Components in HDPE material with insert moulding with tolerated dimensions.

LDPE Parts

ldpe_parts Components from 2 cavity mould in LDPE material.

Polyacetal Parts

polyacetal_parts Components moulded in polyacetal which is used in textile, automobile & machinery sectors. Most of the components are having complex profiles and are closely tolerated.

Polycarbonate Parts

polycarbonate_partsComponents moulded in polycarbonate which is having mirror finish, produced in the moulds manufactured in high grade mould steel which is polished to high mirror finish. These components are used in automobile industry and other engineering industries.

Polypropylene Parts


We developed many engineering & commercial products in all grades of polypropylene material. Material grade and colour can be selected according to the customer requirements.


Medical Component Mould


We have developed Moulded Medical Components which uses for medical applications. These Components are processed in high quality medical grade plastic graduals which is approved and having required certificates. We take utmost care in process and packing for these components cleanness.


Cleaning Machine Component

cleaning_machine_component Cleaning Machine Component we developed for domestic appliances cleaning machines. We have developed many plastic injection moulded components for Roots Multi Clean Ltd. This is a pioneer company which makes India’s best cleaning machine equipments.