CAM Programming

We are involved in offering CAM Programming Services for our valued clients. For machining complex profiles in VMC we provide CNC programmes. If you can send the details we can send the programmes by E-mail to you. This can be used in your machines to manufacture your part. We are doing these services for Die, Mold sectors and for production sectors also.

Mould Designing Services

Design Services

We have qualified designers with very good experience in design software & mould designing. They are working by coordinating with tool room & moulding shop. So we take pride in designing plastic injection moulds for small to medium sized parts that are used in the medical, electrical, electronic, automotive, aviation, connector, consumer product, textile and industrial fields.

Custom Moulded Parts

custom_moulded_parts We are one of the leading manufacturers of Custom Moulded Parts. We provide these products as per the requirements of the Client. We are having very good processing experience in all engineering polymers. Our moulding components are high accuracy & high finish. We are moulding clear transparent components in Poly carbonate, Acrylic, Polystyrene & SAN. We are also moulding threaded components with auto unscrew moulds made by us in polyacetal, ABS & Nylon.

Textile Plastic Moulds

Moulds for Textile Plastic Parts

We are manufacturing Plastic Injection Moulds for Textile Industries. These components are used for textile machines and spinning mills. Various engineering polymers which are approved by customers are used for component productions. Components are supplied as per customer drawings and specifications.